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East American Education was founded by Jonathan and Allane Cutillo, a husband and wife from the United States. They have spent many years in Taiwan and have a good understanding of both the east and the west. 


After graduating from Philadelphia University, Allane moved to New York City to work for a Chinese company while Jonathan returned to his home town to help in his father's business. During this time they read many books about China, and decided that it would be worthwhile to spend three years in the far east studying Chinese. 


They considered long and hard whether to go to Taiwan or China, and which city would be best. Finally, they decided to join Jonathan's uncle and his family in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, a city that would become very dear to them like a second home. 


Once in Kaohsiung, Jonathan and Allane immediately began studying Chinese at Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages, as well as teaching English as a second language. Over the next three years, they would complete 1000 hours of in-classroom Mandarin Chinese study. 


Several years in Taiwan instilled in Jonathan and Allane a great love for Chinese language and culture. The couple toured the island extensively, made many great friends, and had many positive life changing experiences. Their second daughter was even born in Kaohsiung. 


After moving back and forth twice, they decided to buy a house in the United States in order to be close to their families while they raise their three young children. They now have two daughters and one son, all under four years old. 


Jonathan and Allane founded East American Education after they had begun tutoring Chinese students, and found that many host agencies for Chinese students lacked essential services. Using their knowledge of Chinese language and culture, familiarity with the United States and its educational institutions, and high standards and work ethic, the couple has created a company that provides exceptional service to Chinese students who pursue a secondary education in the United States. 




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