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Private Tutoring can greatly improve ones ability to master difficult subjects and perform well in the classroom and on exams. East American Education employs tutors who are extremely competent in the subject matter to be taught and able to effectively teach students at the high school level. 


English as a Second Language: 

We specialize in teaching ESL. Our ESL tutors are native English speakers with over three years experience as full time ESL teachers in Taiwan. All of our ESL teachers are proficient in Mandarin Chinese. Our ESL staff is available to tutor students in English, Literature, History, and the Social Sciences. 


SAT Preperation:

One of the keys to getting accepted in a top American university is performing well on the SAT. Our SAT prep tutors have graduated from top American Universities and are experts in preparing students for this difficult test. 


Mathematics and the Sciences: 

East American Education will pair you with a tutor who is qualified to tutor any high-school subject. For math and science, we only employ tutors who are well advanced in the field that they are to teach. 


Tutoring services are available to all students:  

You don't need to be enrolled in a program through our company to work with one of our tutors. Simply fill out the request form on this page and be sure to include a telephone number and the subject in which you would like to be tutored. 

Request a tutor:

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